Rock N' Roll Cop (1994)

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Run Time: 92 min
Overview: A Hong Kong cop is sent to mainland China to find a group of killers. Meanwhile, a cop discovers that his former love is aiding the gang of crooks.
Release date: 1994-06-29
Cast: Anthony Wong, Wu Hsing-Guo, Yu Rong-Guang, Carrie Ng, Jennifer Chan Ming-Chan, Yau Gin Gwok, Gwong Siu-Yiu, Bruce Law Lai-Yin, Chen Zhin-Lin, Lam Tak-Shing, Lu Chun, Yang Lin, Tam Kim, Chiu Tam, Lee Wing-Fai, Liu Siu-Fung, Chan Kim-Wa, Chung Man-Kwan, Chang Chi-Wai, Ham Yat Pak, Chu Kim-Tou, Luk Leun, William Duen Wai-Lun, Lee Mou-Muk, Leung Hak-Shun, Si Gaai-Keung, Lau Yu-Yuk, Andrew, Siu-Ming Lui, Barry Jue Wai-Gwong, Law Hong-Aai, Wong Wa-Wo, Jacky Cheung Chun-Hung, Chan Hing-Hang
Crew: Kirk Wong, Eddie Ma, Chiu-Lam Ko, Chow Pak-Ning, Lui Ga-Wa, Lu Bing, Kirk Wong, Winky Wong
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Budget: $ 0
Revenue: $ 0
Status: Released


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