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Release Date: 1947-01-01

Overview: Stones from the sky - tangible pieces of other worlds. After millions of years of wandering in the darkness and the cold expanses of space, meteorites find shelter in the windows of museums. By studying meteorites, scientists know their origins, how they get to the Earth, and from which substances they are comprised. This film also explores the attitude towards this phenomenon in different nations through different times in history.

My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Super Duper Super Sleuths

Release Date: 2007-08-16

Overview: A shooting star falls towards the Hundred Acre Wood. Winnie the Pooh, Darby, and Tigger are out in the Hundred Acre Wood one night, stargazing. They see the shooting star fall to the wood, but are too sleepy to go look for it. The shooting star (or space rock) lands in Rabbit's garden and begins to put its effect on it.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Shocking Truth 2000

Release Date: 2000-01-01

Overview: For the first time the full story behind the film which terrified the world...

The far shore

Release Date: 1972-09-02

Overview: The FAR SHORE by Gregory Schell In 1972, young Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson took to the road with surfboards, camera gear and an untamable desire for adventure. For ten years they scoured the planet in search of perfect waves and the experiences only a traveler on the road encounters. This film chronicles their journey. Featuring original photos and super 8 footage from California, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, West Africa, Sahara Desert, Morocco, Ireland, France and Fiji.

Ceremonia Sangrienta 1973

Release Date: 1973-09-10

Overview: Countess Elizabeth Bathory conspires with her husband to acquire the blood of virgins to maintain her youth and beauty.

InnerCity 1999

Release Date: 1999-12-12

Overview: The ID&T party indoor at Amsterdam RAI 1999

Neckermann - Ein deutsches Wirtschaftswunder

Release Date: 0000-00-00



Release Date: 2009-06-10

Overview: No overview found.

The Jade Fox

Release Date: 1979-03-10

Overview: In her bid for domination of the kingdom, a wicked woman invites opponents to their doom at her 'Fairyland' estate.

We Were Dancing

Release Date: 1942-04-30

Overview: A penniless former princess weds an equally cash-strapped baron, so they support themselves by becoming houseguests at the homes of wealthy American socialites. Norma Shearer's last film.

Neem Annapurna 1979

Release Date: 1979-06-01

Overview: This somber drama follows the troubles of a rural family who moves to the big city to have a better life. Although the family is poor, they provide lodging for an old beggar while the unemployed husband searches for work. The youngest girl steals birdseed from a parrot, while the eldest girl is close to trading sex for food. The wife believes the beggar is hiding something and finds a bag of rice in his room. The beggar dies, and the wife cooks the rice for her family. Although she has provided for her family, her feelings of guilt about the old man prevent her from keeping her food down.

The Man from Montreal

Release Date: 1939-12-09

Overview: The Man From Montreal is a lively entry in Universal's Richard Arlen-Andy Devine action series. The stars are cast respectively as fur trapper Clark Manning and constable Bones Blair, who carry on a friendly rivalry in the Canadian Northwest. Our heroes team up in the final reels to put the kibosh on a fur-smuggling racket, permitting Universal to plunge deeply into its stock-footage files. The leading ladies this time out are Anne Gwynne and Kay Sutton, their billing status indicating which one of the two ladies will land Clark Manning in the last scene. Incredibly, the Arlen-Devine series lasted for 14 films, none of them classics but all of them worthwhile Saturday-matinee fare.


Release Date: 2012-09-21

Overview: A drama centered on a troubled young woman who moves to San Francisco, where she gets involved in pornography and aligns herself with a cocaine-addicted lawyer.

Autumn Fire

Release Date: 1931-11-21

Overview: A story told with few words. We see a solitary man and a solitary woman, each alone with their thoughts. She is in the country, staring out a window. Nature is quiet, waiting for spring, trees are bare. He is in the city, walking from the docks, watching, somewhat aimless. She walks a country lane. Both are alone. She writes him a letter, offering an opportunity. Will he take it?

Josh Ritter - Live at the Iveagh Gardens

Release Date: 0000-00-00

Overview: On 20th July 2010, Josh Ritter & the Royal City Band performed a two hour show at the Iveagh Gardens in Dublin spanning Josh's full catalogue. The Iveagh Gardens is a set of beautiful public gardens in Dublin, Ireland. This was the first time there had ever been a rock show there.